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Milk Protein Concentrates You’ll find consistent quality in this versatile ingredient. We own the world-wide patent in functional milk protein concentrate (MPC) manufacture and were the first to solve the cold water solubility challenges of MPCs. And we haven’t stopped innovating since.
Functional Proteins Advanced, highly stable proteins enabling high levels of fortification. Our SureProtein™ range includes solutions made through advanced production techniques to avoid the limitations of conventional proteins.
Hydrolysates A more easily-digestible form of protein perfect for nutrition products. Hydrolysates are a form of “pre-digested” proteins that are easily digested and rapidly absorbed by the human body – and this is one of the reasons they’re so popular in infant nutrition. Our range of hydrolysates is even more versatile, with specific applications in sports and other adult nutrition too.
Acid Casein A pH4.6 casein made by the controlled acidification of pure, pasteurised skim milk. Casein is a naturally occurring protein found in human and cow’s milk. It can play a valuable role in aiding the efficient supply of nutrients and has a remarkably wide variety of uses, including non-food.
Rennet Casein Made by controlled precipitation of pure, pastuerised skim milk using microbial rennet enzymes. Casein is the largest single protein found in human and cow’s milk. It aids efficient nutrition and plays a valuable role in nutritional products. Our rennet casein also has a range of other uses, including processed cheese production.
Whey Protein Isolates An extremely versatile, high protein ingredient. Our SureProtein™ range of whey protein isolates (WPI) are all made from fresh New Zealand milk. In fact, we’re the sole New Zealand manufacturer of WPI, and pioneers of using WPI in clear beverages. WPIs are low in fat and lactose and are highly nutritious, suitable for a large range of beverages and foods.
Total Milk Proteins With the combined benefit of casein and whey proteins, plus the functional performance of caseinates. Our proprietary process isolates the casein and whey from skim milk to create a range of ingredients that are all very high in protein (>90%). They retain the functional performance of caseinates and have a very bland flavour profile, making them useful in a wide variety of applications.
Caseinates Highly functional and versatile proteins with many uses. High in protein, caseinates are the water-soluble version of caseins, and some of our caseinates offerings can provide slow release of amino acids. Our range is suitable for a wide variety of applications including nutritional foods and beverages, food bars, creamers, soups, sauces, whipped toppings, processed and analogue cheeses, cream liqueurs, bakery products and cultured foods.
Whey Protein Concentrates High in protein, with an almost endless list of applications. Whey protein concentrates (WPC) are a great source of protein that’s rapidly digested by the body. When you choose your WPC from our specialised SureProtein™ range you can be sure of quality, consistency and performance in a broad range of application.
Milk Protein Isolates Excellent flavour & nutritional value, high in micellar casein & low in lactose. Our SureProtein™ range of MPIs offers an extremely versatile choice. Each has been developed to optimise performance in specific applications. Highly nutritious and made from fresh New Zealand milk, they’re the perfect choice for your products.
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