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A comprehensive range, all with the
goodness of fresh New Zealand cream

Anhydrous Milk Fat 99.9% pure milk fat with a multitude of applications. Our Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF) products impart a rich dairy flavour and creaminess to a wide range of applications – including chocolate, confectionery, ice cream, baking, processed cheese and cheese milk extension as well as recombined dairy products.
Blends Offers unparalleled convenience and quality at a competitive price. Our range of high-quality dairy fat blend products combine pure milk fat or butter (in a choice of ratios) with a range of non-dairy fats or other non-dairy inclusions to suit your application.
Butter Salted or unsalted, spreadable and specialist – the choice is yours. Our New Zealand butters begin with fresh cream to produce a variety of salted, unsalted and cultured butters as well as a range of specialty butters designed for optimum flavour and performance in specific applications.
Cream Powder Adds a rich, creamy flavour in easy-to-handle powder form. Our cream powder is made from a blend of fresh dairy cream and skim milk, spray dried to create a naturally rich 55%-fat powder. Its many uses include the manufacture of instant soups, sauces, chocolate and bakery products, and frozen desserts including ice cream.
Frozen Cream Swiftly frozen to lock in the natural, fresh and creamy flavour. Pasteurised 42% fat content cream, snap frozen to preserve its natural qualities. Our frozen cream has a host of uses for applications such as bakery, desserts, sauces, confectionery, ice-cream and for whipping.
Ghee Great caramelized butter flavour with no refrigeration required. Made using cream from NZ grass-fed cows, with the moisture removed, our Ghee is 99.9% pure milk fat. Flavour from fresh cream balances the nutty cooked flavour notes.
Cream Cheese A smooth creamy texture and flavour. Cream cheese is popular for a wide range of sweet or savoury baking and meal applications. It is an unripened cheese with a smooth body and a mild, creamy flavour; we’ve adapted our cream cheese for extended shelf life.
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