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Cheddar Cheese A semi-hard cheese with a flavour that ranges between mild and creamy to full-bodied, depending on maturity. Cheddar is a popular cheese around the world, and our cheddar range is no exception.
Colby Cheese A versatile, semi-hard cheese with a mild flavour. With its pleasant, mild flavour, colby combines well with many foods, without overpowering other flavours. Commonly used as a table or snack cheese.
Edam Cheese A high protein, reduced fat cheese option. A reduced fat, semi-hard cheese renowned for its uniformity and consistency, Edam can be eaten as a snack cheese, or processed depending on your needs.
Egmont™ Cheese A unique NZMP cheese with a distinctive, slightly nutty flavour. Egmont™ is a unique New Zealand-made cheese. It has a distinctive mild, slightly sweet and nutty flavour that blends well with others.
Gouda Cheese A mild, slightly sweet cheese with varieties designed for different palates. Our traditional brine-salted Gouda is mild and slightly sweet, and we’ve developed a more savoury dry-salted option for the Asian palate too.
Mozzarella Cheese A delightfully stretchy cheese with a mild flavour to suit any palate. With its delicious, stretchy quality and great melt, Mozzarella is the cheese for pizza, pasta, baking and more. Comes in block format for easy shredding.
Mozzarella Curd A functional, lower-cost cheese ingredient for making processed mozzarella. Delivers equal performance to natural mozzarella in processed mozzarella applications.
Noble™ Cheese A unique, New Zealand full-flavoured cheddar with 30% less fat. Noble™ is a reduced-fat cheddar developed by our expert cheesemakers using fresh New Zealand milk, with no compromise on taste or texture. Our Noble™ cheese has a well-rounded flavour with savoury and fruity notes.
Parmesan Cheese A hard cheese with a distinctive sharp taste. Our Parmesan cheese comes in two options – both distinctively sharp, but one with a softer savoury flavour. Parmesan finishes off so many meals beautifully, complementing salads and soups, pasta, vegetables and more.
Pizza Cheese A cost-effective alternative to Mozzarella, with excellent shred, stretch and melt qualities. Our Pizza Cheese is made from fresh New Zealand milk, designed to be shredded for use in pizza, pasta and baked applications.
Swiss Style Cheese With a supple, elastic body and distinctive ‘holey’ appearance. Subtly different from classic Swiss cheese, our New Zealand-made Swiss has a sweet, nutty flavour and those distinctive holes throughout its supple, springy body.
Taupo™ Cheese A unique New Zealand-made cheese type for Asian palates. Manufactured exclusively by Fonterra, our Taupo style cheese has a unique creamy, milky flavour-profile with particular appeal to Asian palates.
Cream Cheese A smooth creamy texture and flavour. Cream cheese is popular for a wide range of sweet or savoury baking and meal applications. It is an unripened cheese with a smooth body and a mild, creamy flavour; we’ve adapted our cream cheese for extended shelf life.
Cheese Powder A premium-quality cheese powder, with a creamy taste to complement many flavours. Explore our range of spray dried cheese powders, each with a clean aroma and creamy mouth feel. Cheese powder is a versatile ingredient with a range of applications including snack and convenience foods.
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